Executive Spotlight:  Chris Casler, Chief Human Resources Officer

We’d like to welcome Chris Casler to the agilon health team.  Chris recently joined the organization and graciously agreed to help us get to know him better by participating in this month’s Executive Spotlight.

Chris is a seasoned Human Resources leader whose passion for innovation and experience in both healthcare and technology led him to agilon health.  Chris has ultimate responsibility for all HR functions including operations, talent management, payroll, benefits, culture building, performance management, organizational effectiveness and learning, HRIS and HR strategy and partnership initiatives.

Why did you decide to join agilon health?

agilon health is still in its early days in building out its business model and establishing its partnership model, as the premier model in moving providers to value based healthcare.  I see the tremendous growth that we can create as we continue to execute on our model and provide value to our partners and patients.

How do you see Human Resources as an integral part of the company over the next 5 years?

As with many companies, our greatest asset is our people.  Our ability to grow and change the healthcare care industry will depend on our ability to attract and retain exceptional talent in a very competitive environment.  The Human Resources team has the unique role of creating a culture and environment that allows both individual and company success.

Which of our Core Values resonates with you the most and why?

Partnership and Collaboration. To me this is so core to the success of agilon health and our partnership model.  How we interact, communicate and work across boundaries, both internally and externally, will ultimately determine our success.  The #ONEteam model is meant to represent agilon health and our partners working together as one in delivering quality value-based care. Our ability to do this seamlessly and in a highly collaborative manner is the basis to our success!

What does success mean to you, individually and for agilon health?

When I think of our long-term success, it is building a company with the culture and values that people aspire to be a part of.  Making a meaningful difference in how healthcare is delivered and having a culture and environment that we are proud of and can thrive in as individuals and as a team; this is what I what I see as success.