A Model Partnership

Physicians are looking for a better way to care for their patients and have fulfilling careers. Leading health plans understand this and are open to provider organizations that can improve the care experience for their members in economically sustainable ways. These challenges and opportunities are why agilon health was created and why there’s no better time for a partnership model designed to address these issues.

Leaders Today. Leaders Tomorrow.

The partnership model developed by agilon health is unique in the healthcare industry. We understand the importance of a local trusted brand and we deploy our clinical programs, communication plans, and administrative services to build upon this strength. We do not deploy capital to acquire leading medical groups, or IPAs, rather we partner and invest in building our collective future.

We believe local provider organizations and brands should experience a halo effect from the partnership with agilon health that strengthens their relationship with patients, specialist physicians and elevates the provider organization’s position in the market and as well as its long-term sustainability.

We are fortunate that we have found a partner in agilon health who believes in the superior performance of independent practice. This is a rarity.

– Gary Pinta MD, President, Pioneer Physicians Network & President, Ohio Independent Collaborative

Investment Opportunities

Our partnership structure allows strong primary care physician organizations and their specialist networks to use the efficiencies they create within the negotiated capitation framework to invest in their practice and the care of their patients. Because of the high-quality, proactive care the partnership model brings to patients, hospitalizations and unnecessary procedures are reduced, generating savings. Partner organizations then have the flexibility to use those resources to expand the practice, further align physician behavior around quality and efficiency metrics, or invest in more practice resources that improve physician workload and patient experience.

Our partnership with agilon health provides Central Ohio Primary Care the experience and expertise to confidently transform the payment model and enter into risk contracting in our region.
– William Wulf, MD, CEO, Central Ohio Primary Care Physicians

Flexibility, Diversity & Geography

One of the hallmarks of agilon health’s approach is the flexibility of our clinical, business and operational models. This flexibility allows us to successfully launch in diverse markets with varying insurance products and partner structures. Our model embraces local market nuances and allows us to collaborate with our partners to develop a unique set of operating assumptions that best fit their goals and market constraints. Here are some of our current partners who are benefiting from this flexible approach:

COPC Senior Care Advantage: The collaboration between Central Ohio Primary Care and agilon health launched COPC Senior Care Advantage, first of its kind, in 2018, to deliver high-quality, affordable care to the Medicare beneficiaries in the greater Columbus area.  Central Ohio Primary Care is one of the largest independent physician groups in the nation, serving over 400,000 patients with more than 70 practice locations.

Connected Senior Care Advantage: Leading Austin-based medical groups, Austin Regional Clinic, Premier Physicians, and Capital Medical Clinic collaborated with agilon health to create and launch Connected Senior Care Advantage, an innovative new model designed to deliver high-quality, affordable care to an estimated 15,000 seniors in central Texas.  Austin Regional Clinic is a multispecialty medical group committed to providing comprehensive healthcare services throughout Central Texas.  Founded by three physicians in 1980, it now provides health care to over 475,000 area residents in 25 locations in 10 cities, including both primary and specialty care.  Premier Physicians is an independent, physician-owned practice that has been serving the primary care need of the Austin Communities for more than 25 years.  Started in 1934, Capital Medical Clinic is a private medical group practice specializing in Internal Medicine. In 2020,  sharing the same vision, South Austin Medical Clinic, Adult Care of Austin and Family Health Center of Bastrop joined the Connected Senior Care Advantage.

Paradigm Senior Care Advantage: A leading primary care independent physician group in Northeast Ohio, Pioneer Physicians Network collaborated with agilon health to launch Paradigm Senior Care Advantage, an innovative new model designed to deliver high-quality, affordable care to an estimated 10,000 seniors in Northeast Ohio beginning in 2019.  Pioneer Physicians Network has 50 board-certified primary care providers practicing at 16 locations with specialties of Family Practice, Pediatrics, and Internal Medicine.

Trusted Senior Care Advantage: Working with Physician Group of Southeastern Ohio, agilon health launched Trusted Senior Care Advantage, a new approach to care delivery that focuses on preventive and wellness care, care coordination, and care management services. Physician Group of Southeastern Ohio was formed by a core group of 23 independent primary care physicians in Muskingum and Perry counties in Southeastern Ohio, striving to maintain their independence while providing quality care to their patients.  Today, the group has grown to 45 physicians in five counties in Southeastern Ohio.

Greater Dayton Senior Care Advantage:  Partnering with a leading multi-specialty, physician-owned independent physician group, PriMED Physicians, agilon health to launch Greater Dayton Senior Care Advantage, an innovative new model designed to deliver high-quality, affordable care to Medicare Advantage members beginning in 2020.  PriMED Physicians has 57 physicians in 20 locations throughout Greater Dayton.

Preferred Senior Care Advantage: Launched January 1, 2020, Preferred Senior Care Advantage is a partnership between Preferred Primary Care Physicians and agilon health.  Founded in 1995 by ten primary care physicians who shared a commitment to provide the highest quality care to the patients they care for, today, Preferred Primary Care Physicians consists of 41 board-certified physicians and 25 practice locations covering the South Hills, Pittsburgh, Charleroi and Uniontown.

Senior Care Advantage ONE IPA: Working with Buffalo Medical Group, one of the oldest and largest physician-directed group practices in New York State, Senior Care Advantage One IPA was created to further advance the value-based health care.

Anchor Senior Care Advantage: Committed to collaborative, evidence-based medicine and provides the highest quality of patient care, Wilmington Health joined the agilon health platform and together created Anchor Senior Care Advantage, caring for the seniors in the Southeastern North Carolina.

Starling Senior Care Advantage: Starling Physicians at the forefront of medicine with cutting-edge business models, partnered and developed the Starling Senior Care Advantage. The program will begin on January 1, 2021 and care for the Medicare Advantage patients in the greater Central Connecticut area who have designated Starling Physicians as their PCP .

Independence Health Senior Care Advantage: On the premise that stronger physician-patient relationships play a significant role in transformative care,  partnering with The Toledo Clinic, Independence Health Senior Care Advantage was born.

MDX Hawai’i is a leading payor network caring and managing global risk for over 36,000 Medicare Advantage members. A leader in the transformation from fee-for-service to risk-based agreements, MDX Hawai’i collaborates with Humana and UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Plans.

News from Our Platform Partners

COPC’s Extensive Care Center Provides In-depth Care to Patients with Acute/Chronic conditions

Through its Extensive Care Center, Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC) Physicians Group is putting the “care” back in health care. Patients with acute or chronic health conditions who require in-depth treatment—but not an emergency room visit—can get more comprehensive care in a more enjoyable setting.

And much of what they need is time.

The Extensive Care Center offers patients the chance to spend an hour or two with a board-certified physician or nurse practitioner and receive thorough treatment in an outpatient setting. In the past, patients with conditions such as cellulitis, gastroenteritis or hypertension have gone to the ER and some have been hospitalized, putting them at greater risk of contracting infections.  Now they have access to a non-emergency facility that offers intravenous fluids/medications and other treatment and delivery methods usually only available in hospitals.  The Center’s healthcare team also provides longer patient monitoring and next-day follow-up to ensure the patient’s condition has improved.  In addition, the medical team communicates directly with the patient’s primary care physician about the visit, and all treatment and medication notes are sent to the provider.

Austin Regional Clinic Physicians are Piloting the use of Apple Watches to Improve Patient Experience. 

ARC doctors are piloting the use of Apple Watches to capture patient visit data for electronic health records.  Combining artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing, the technology from Notable Health uses an Apple Watch to record and digitize the physician-patient conversation, securely capturing key data for the patient’s electronic file…Read More

New Survey Shows Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC) Physician Satisfaction Rivals Consumer Loyalty to Beloved Corporate Brands

At a time when primary care physicians are increasingly disgruntled about their work environment and physician burnout reaches an all-time high, the physicians at Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC) are more satisfied and… Read More

Cases of painful, contagious childhood disease sees increase

KXAN checked in with a local doctor to find out if the cases are still on the rise. Dr. Michael Gennrich with the Austin Regional Clinic says the illness usually impacts kids under the age of five but says it can spread to older kids and adults in a less severe form… Read More

ARC Leads the Way in COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trials

Austin Regional Clinic (ARC) is  now recruiting 250 ARC patients from across Central Texas to enroll in a late phase Pfizer clinical trial. It is intended to prove the safety and efficacy of a COVID-19 vaccine, which will potentially allow Pfizer to be the first to bring a vaccine to market. Read More.

Buffalo Medical Group Logo

COVID Care Connection: BMG Physician Assistant and Patient Bond During Pandemic

In the first story of WBFO’s new series, “The Toll: Western New York Stories of Loss & Survival in a Pandemic,” reporter Kyle Mackie sheds light on one unusually strong relationship forged at the hospital bedside of a COVID-19 patient. Read More

Pioneer Physician Network Collaborates to Provide a Navigator for Seniors in Need of Orthopedic Care

Pioneer has teamed up with the Summa Health System to offer Ortho Navigator, an experienced nurse who holds the patient’s hand through the process – whether or not that includes surgery. Read More

Pivoting to Telehealth – Overnight

Prior to March of this year, Central Ohio Primary Care did not provide telehealth visits. By mid-June, COPC had completed over 90,000 video visits. Surveys say, telehealth is here to stay. Read More.