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The Benefits of Value-Based Care for Hispanic Seniors: A Primary Care Physician Shares How She Serves Her Community

Featured Stories | Oct 11, 2021

When Buffalo Medical Group primary care physician Dr. Jesenia Cruz first started practicing in Buffalo, NY, word quickly spread that there was a Hispanic doctor available to help. In the years that followed, Dr. Cruz has built a reputation for her support of geriatric Hispanic/Latinx patients, using her own background as a Hispanic doctor to […]

Medicare Advantage Members Spend 40% Less Per Year than People Enrolled in Traditional Medicare

Featured Stories | May 10, 2021

A study found Medicare Advantage members spend 40% less per year than people enrolled in traditional Medicare and receive better value.  Medicare beneficiaries estimated out-of-pocket spending is a key factor in choosing between Medicare Advantage and traditional Medicare coverage. According to the study from UnitedHealth Group, the average annual spending, including premiums and out-of-pocket costs, […]

Innovo Research Expands Nationwide Reach Thanks To A New Partnership With agilon health And Its Extensive Physician Network

Featured Stories | Feb 03, 2021

WILMINGTON, N.C., Feb. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Innovo Research, a nationwide clinical research network, has announced a partnership with agilon health, an organization that champions the role of independent physicians through a total care partnership model representing a network of more than 1,400 primary care physicians in 11 geographies across seven states.  In addition, four of agilon health’s value-based […]

Former CMS Administrator, Mark McClellan acknowledges agilon health as the organization leading the value-based care transformation

Featured Stories | Jan 12, 2021

In the January 2021 Medical Economics issue, Mark McClellan, MD, Ph.D., former CMS Administrator, and FDA Commissioner, now Director of the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy at Duke University, spoke with Chris Mazzolini about what a post-pandemic health care delivery system should look like and the role primary care physicians should hold in this system. […]

Finding Your First Job in a time of COVID-19: The Seven Principles for Navigating the Physician Job Market in a Post-Pandemic World

Featured Stories | Dec 01, 2020

Ben Kornitzer, MD Chief Medical Officer, agilon health So, you’re finishing residency this year. Congrats! Sort of. Chances are, you are $200K or more in debt. You’ve survived a pandemic, and probably have a few battle scars to show for it. And now you are starting to look for your first [...]

We Are Here For You

Featured Stories | May 14, 2020

DOCTORS SEND NATIONWIDE MESSAGE TO PATIENTS: WE ARE HERE FOR YOU Concerned that virus fears could lead to secondary health crisis, physicians launch a public service campaign urging patients to not neglect their health Worried about the long-term health consequences caused by social distancing and isolation, physicians from all over the country are sounding the alarm […]

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