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Initial 8-week Pilot Study Shows Patients Benefit From New MDX Hawai‘i Pharmacy Initiative

A new pilot study found that MDX Hawai‘i cancer patients are “extremely satisfied” with the quality care and cost savings they’ve received from a new specialty pharmacy program.  The eight-week study examined the new program, which is a collaboration between MDX Hawai’i, Hawaii Cancer Care and Hawaii Specialty Pharmacy (HSP), in an effort to provide higher quality and cost-effective care for these patients. Results showed 80 percent of MDX Hawai‘i cancer patients received an average savings of $2,000 per treatment in co-pay assistance and extra attention from a highly experienced clinical team of pharmacists and nurses at HSP. Hawaii Cancer Care is also pleased with the results as the administrative time for employees was reduced by as much as four hours each week.

Committed to timely care for chronically ill patients, HSP provides specialized medications, injectables, and an infusion suite. The pharmacy has access to more than 100 limited distribution medications and offers medication delivery or overnight shipping.  HSP provides patient education and counseling (in-person or by phone), assistance with prescription refills and an online portal for checking prescription status.

The doorway to superb health involves streamlining. To that end, MDX Hawaii will expand its collaboration with Hawaii Specialty Pharmacy (HSP) to other providers who frequently use expensive pharmacy services and medications.