Starling Leading the Way in Heart Care With Congestive Heart Failure Clinic

When it comes to treating congestive heart failure (CHF) patients and keeping them out of the hospital, Starling physicians aren’t skipping a beat. Compared to other chronic health conditions, patients with CHF have a higher rate of hospitalization.  Thanks to the Congestive Heart Clinic, which is open five days a week and run by highly trained and experienced healthcare professionals, patients with CHF can receive prompt treatment and ongoing education on managing the disease.

“Our Congestive Heart Failure Clinic puts our heart patients’ needs first and helps reduce trips to the ER and hospital,” says Sarit Patel, MD, MHA, Starling Physicians Chairman. “Starling’s dedicated cardiologists and primary care physicians will provide follow-up care to patients for as long as needed.” Dr. Patel stresses that patients who are seen in the clinic learn about the importance of medication compliance, the need to make dietary and lifestyle changes, and the importance of regular visits to the doctor. Learn more at