Go confidently in the direction of your dreams…. If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours…

Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Now this is not the end.  It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the  beginning.”

Winston Churchill, The Lord Mayor’s Luncheon, November 10, 1942



Happy New Year!  As we look back at 2018 and as 2019 begins to unfold, it seems like an opportune time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished, the journey we have set out on to transform the delivery of care and the plans we have for an exciting, bright future.

Last year was a year of growth and transition, one in which we completed the initial work necessary to consolidate our platform programs in Hawaii and California and established long-term partnerships with leading physician groups across the country.

We successfully launched our COPC Senior Care Advantage partnership in collaboration with Central Ohio Primary Care and finished the year by helping COPC serve more than 25,000 Medicare Advantage patients in the greater Columbus area with a patient net promoter score of 55.  In 2018, COPC physicians performed wellness visits for more than 95% or their patients, setting the stage for substantial innovation and improvement in care with a singular focus on individual patient needs.

Through the intense collaborative efforts of both local and enterprise-based teams, we transformed the economic sustainability of our MDX Hawaii network, enabled double-digit annual growth, and created the leading delivery model in Hawaii, serving more than 33,000 members.

Two market-leading physician practices in Austin, Texas – Austin Regional Clinic and Premier Physicians – joined the agilon health platform and together we established the Connected Senior Care Advantage program, which will serve more than 17,000 patients in its inaugural year.  And finally, we welcomed the physicians and staff of Pioneer Family Physicians, who are developing and expanding the Paradigm Senior Care Advantage partnership in Akron, Ohio with us.  During our preparations to go live on January 1, 2019, Pioneer’s physicians performed annual wellness visits for more than 90%, or over 7,800, of their patients.

I am especially pleased that all the Senior Care Advantage partnerships on our platform are well-positioned to deliver 4-Star, efficient care in 2019.  We celebrated an industry-leading 75 Net Promoter Score (“NPS”) amongst our physician partners in Columbus, Austin and Akron, and an NPS improvement of 70% in Hawaii, indicating that our focus on physician engagement and streamlining administrative processes and procedures is on the right track.

I am tremendously proud of the team and infrastructure we’ve built and the results we’ve delivered in two short years.  But perhaps what I’m most proud of is the way the entire agilon health organization responded when ‘the going got tough’.  As many of you know, during 2018 a large part of our team was consumed with developing and executing remediation plans to address compliance issues that we identified in our legacy, California-based PPMC operations.  Following our self-disclosure and eight months of well-executed remediation, we passed audits from all our health plan partners and DMHC.  In short, we identified potential wrongdoing, we disclosed it, we investigated further to ensure the wellbeing of patients under our care was not impacted, and we swiftly corrected the issues.

While I’m confident the issues resident within our legacy operations are behind us, we know that with each new year comes new challenges and goals.  For agilon health, 2019 will be a year focused on scalability and growth.  We look forward to announcing new partnerships with leading health systems and physician organizations that are committed to taking the leap to integrated payment and delivery.  I expect we will at least double our partnerships, resulting in expansion into at least 15 markets over the next two years.

We look forward to seeing the evolving benefits of innovative physician leaders collaborating across markets as they work independently and collectively to transform payment and care delivery.  We look forward to expanding our health plan arrangements to include new geographies, new products, and deeper relationships.  Most importantly, we look forward to being closer to fulfilling our mission of providing a platform from which physicians can lead the transformation of both their local markets and the nation to value-based care as they strive to recapture the joy of practicing medicine.

There is no roadmap for what we’re doing.  No one has been successful previously in building a national platform… partner… integrated payment and delivery…  So, like Churchill, we cannot be sure precisely where we are in that journey and like Thoreau, we cannot precisely determine next steps.  But like Churchill, we can see that we are emerging from the initial phase of our journey and, like Thoreau, we can be confident that great success lies in following our dreams – the kind of achievement that is unexpected by those who do what is expected and anticipated.

I’d like to conclude by sharing how proud I am of the courage, innovation and determination you have each displayed in 2018.  The confidence, hard work, expertise, collaboration and integrity of each agilon health team member and every partner on our platform has allowed us to confidently pursue a vision of a healthcare system across the nation that delivers high-quality care at sustainable cost with high levels of satisfaction – even joy – to patients, physicians and all our partners in care. Thank you for your unwavering dedication and support.  Here’s to a momentous 2019.