High Touch Program for Vulnerable Members made possible through collaboration with Molina Health Care

Patient testimonial – Vantage Medical Group

Rasaq Hassan was on the verge of a downward spiral, feeling like no one cared about his health and well-being. He was feeling neglected and didn’t have full confidence that his physicians were looking out for his well-being. As a result, he was only keeping 60 to 70 percent of his doctor’s appointments with his primary care clinic. Enter Margarita Rosado, a licensed vocational nurse with Vantage Medical Group, an agilon health platform company. In coordination with Molina Health Care and the California Health Homes Program, which provides enhanced care management and coordination to chronically ill patients, Margarita was able to help coordinate Rasaq’s healthcare. According to Rasaq, Margarita is an “angel” and is the best thing to step into his life over the last few years.

After Margarita’s home visit, Rasaq felt that his primary care clinic’s medical team began paying more attention and making concrete efforts to engage him. Not only did Margarita schedule three physician appointments for Rasaq that he had trouble making in the past, she even accompanied him to an appointment on a particularly rainy Valentine’s Day!

All these efforts have shown Rasaq that his primary care clinic and providers do value its patients. Rasaq now feels like he has an active partner who will work with him to ensure that his healthcare needs are met. He considers the Health Homes Program to be extremely important to people like himself and hopes to see it continue.