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At agilon, our Technology Team is essential to the ways we are transforming healthcare for the better.  We are looking for those whose skills, values and passion matches who we are, because just as our company is growing quickly, so is our team of technology professionals.

agilon’s dynamic Technology Team defines, develops and puts in place the technology that solves some of healthcare’s most vexing challenges – leading to healthier lives for seniors and greater support for the independent physicians who care for them.

Our Technology Team is creating a cloud-based data and AI platform that is innovating the way care is delivered. Our high-performance platform aggregates data from myriad sources to create a holistic view of our members. With machine learning-infused analytics, we generate personalized, proactive recommendations to be considered by providers who know their patients best, leading to healthier outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

A closer look at how we do what we do:

Data Integrations

We use state-of-the-art tools and capabilities to broaden the quality and depth of information available to our physician partners for their patients and practices. Our data become an intuitive and essential element of the practice workflow, driven by consistency, timeliness and confidence in the insights.

Data Engineering

Our team develops, scales and operationalizes data architectures and data lake to serve high quality, governed data sets for our internal and external customers. We are expanding our team to further develop scalable data services from ingestion, transformation, quality and data sharing, all running at scale on AWS to unlock analytics and ML driven insights.


At agilon, we apply cutting edge machine learning techniques to solve challenging problems in health care space with our partners and stakeholders. Team members own the end of end ML Ops process to deliver models running on AWS utilizing ML infrastructure and data lake capabilities to make a meaningful impact on day-to-day physician and patient experience.


Analytics lie at the heart of our ability to improve our members’ health outcomes. This team owns our risk adjustment methodology and generates actionable insights for our partners and enterprise.

User Platform

Our User Experience team guides us in our design thinking mindset and our User Platform team ensures our enterprise and market partners are able to manage and consume the right insights at the right time in an engaging experience.


Our DevOps Team focuses on creating consistent repeatable, reliable, secure infrastructure with operational simplicity and scalability.


At agilon, we have architected our data and AI platform to take advantage of modern cloud/SaaS and DevOps-based technologies and design patterns. This allows us to scale and respond in real time to the needs our diverse and ever expanding member and provider base

Core Platform

Our foundational platform where functionality is brought together for the user community to get the job done.  The team ensures the Core platform meets the business needs supporting delegated UM and claims, customer service, data management, attribution, BOI, Quality performance and integrations into our partner’s EMR solutions.

Re-imagining the Way Healthcare is Delivered

At agilon health, we are transforming care for patients and physicians alike by enabling leading physician organizations with technology, proven processes and human capital under global risk capitation models. Our proprietary technology allows physicians to re-imagine they way healthcare is delivered. Visit to learn more.


“I joined agilon to change healthcare in the U.S. for the better. Every day I work with really great people to help independent primary care physicians provide amazing care for the seniors in their communities. Plus, all of the talented technologists are here to ensure not only are we are building the right things but we are building them right from the start.”

Kaden R. Sr. Director, User Experience, Technology Group

"It’s really exciting to be a part of a team that has so much enthusiasm to collaborate and achieve our company's goal of being a technologically sound company in the care we deliver to our patients and the service we deliver to our providers. The synergy between technology and the focus to achieve our core business needs is simply outstanding!"

Kartik J. Manager, Application Development, Technology Group

"Great onboarding experience, and the opportunity to contribute to new projects and learn from other developers who share a tremendous amount of experience."

Ryli D. Senior Software Engineer, Technology Group

"The fast pace at agilon is encouraging me to learn lot of tools, software, and programming languages just this year alone. There are so many people you can reach out to help you, and we collectively use "unconditional positive regard" to help each other out, where we suffer through our failures and celebrate our successes together. Anyone entering the Technology Group right now is in for a wild and exciting ride."

Jason D. Data Engineer, Data Analytics & Management
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