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agilon health physician partners have chosen to remain independent. Yet they also value collaboration. As the agilon network grows, so do the voices of the physicians who are part of it. They can share ideas with peers across the country, many of whom are leaders in their communities. The physicians in the agilon network share a desire for health care that is rooted in outcomes.

Why Now

Every stakeholder in American health care benefits when primary-care physicians are empowered to manage the outcomes and total health needs of Medicare patients. Yet the traditional fee-for-service model does just the opposite. It rewards physicians to narrowly focus on one unit of care rather than influencing health behaviors, overall care, and cost management.

Today’s physicians must overcome enormous obstacles to even consider a total-care model. They do not have the necessary underlying contracts with payors. They do not have time, capital, or access to the expertise necessary to assume responsibility for their patients’ total needs. They burn out in a system that rewards the volume of patient visits, not the quality of the care.

That is why agilon exists.

We partner with these community-based physician groups and eliminate the obstacles through the expertise of our people, our unified platform, our processes – seamlessly integrated with the practice – and our capital. We thrive because we empower the people who deliver patient care: the primary-care physician.

The Platform

Built for physicians by physicians, the agilon platform is delivered through our local partnership to empower our physician partners to rapidly flip to a global risk model for Medicare.

Physicians on the platform benefit from:

Payor Engagement

In each community, agilon connects multiple payors, patients, and physicians into a single platform to create a single experience for patients and physicians.

Data Integration

The platform integrates payor data, EMR data, labs, pharmacies, and other third-party outlets. It also extracts financial, clinical, and social determinants data. All of this is presented for easy consumption by physicians to improve the quality of care.

Clinical Programs

agilon and the partner physicians develop actionable playbooks based on patient data and local care delivery successes, and that growing insight is shared on the platform so that others can stand up clinical programs based on lessons learned.


The platform provides ways to expand access, reduce cost, and improve patient relationships. More than 90 percent of providers surveyed believe programs delivered through the agilon network enabled physician partners to provide better care.

Education and Communication

agilon enables physician partners to be armed with accurate information about Medicare Advantage, so they then can educate their patients who are either approaching Medicare eligibility or..

Performance Analytics

The platform offers peer-to-peer performance comparisons on care at the physician, population, and network level. The quality and cost dashboards are constantly updated so that physicians can share information on best practices.

Financial Management

The platform helps physician groups build a common approach, agnostic of payor, and begin to take greater control of the payment aspects of managing the premium dollar.


agilon enables physician partners to expand our Total Care Model to patients enrolled in traditional Medicare through the CMS Innovation Center ACO Reach Model.

Physician Stories

The deciding factor for physicians who join the agilon network is often hearing from other physicians who have already done so and have experienced the benefits for their patients and practices. Hear what they have to say:

David Schultz, MD, the Chief Medical Officer of Wilmington Health, shares how the agilon health partnership provides the resources to eliminate some of the challenges that have previously frustrated their primary care physicians and much more.

Dr. Liam Fry and Dr. John Notaro discuss the value of collaboration across the platform.

“This is a team sport…We have similar goals but we got to them in different ways. We learn from each other. We feed on each other’s excitement and passion.”

Anas Daghestani, MD Austin Regional Clinic, Austin

“We believe that the long-term, independent relationship between a PCP and his/her patient is the most valuable relationship in the healthcare universe. It is the best way to drive behavior and thus, value.”

Gary Pinta, MD Pioneer Physicians, Akron

“This partnership provides physicians the ability to share in the development of a new payment model for PCPs. We are engaged and the model has physician fingerprints all over it.”

Mary Cook, MD COPC, Columbus

Are you a physician interested in learning more about the agilon platform?

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