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We’re agilon health

agilon health is transforming health care for seniors by empowering primary-care physicians to focus on the entire health of their patients. Through our platform and unique partnership model, agilon is leading the nation in creating the system we need – one built on the value of care, not the volume of fees. We honor the independence of local physicians and serve as their long-term partners so they can be the doctors they trained to be.

Our Total Care Model

agilon is built for and by physicians – empowering them to focus on the entire health of their patients. Our Total Care Model allows physicians to maintain their independence and unites them in a network of like-minded leaders.

Here’s how it works:

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We partner with leading independent primary-care and multispecialty practices, ones that are deeply connected to their communities and have earned their trust over decades of service.

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Our unified operating platform is the centerpiece of our Medicare-centric Total Care Model. It combines people, process, and technology to help our physician partners identify gaps in care, integrate seamlessly with payors, grow their practices, and react to untapped opportunities for improved outcomes.

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Independent physicians want to remain independent, but don’t have to go it alone. The agilon network allows independent physicians to collaborate with other leading community physicians to enhance innovation, share ideas, amplify their policy positions, and replicate successes.

Who Benefits


The agilon model is built around empowering physicians with insights, time, tools, capital, and incentives so they can have the greatest impact on their patients and communities.


Patients who might otherwise find themselves navigating a complex, fractured system on their own instead get coordinated care – led by the physician they know, empowered by agilon’s support. The result is a differentiated patient experience.


We connect payors, physicians, and patients through one platform. Payors benefit from our Total Care Model, which facilitates above market growth, improved access to primary care, predictable margins, and accelerated advancements in quality and patient experience.

Where We Are

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8 Locations

Founded In 1996

Central Ohio Primary Care

Columbus, OH

Founded In 1995

Pioneer Physicians Network

Akron, OH

Founded In 1995


Dayton, OH

Founded In 2001


SE Ohio, OH

Founded In 1926

The Toledo Clinic

Toledo, OH

Founded In 1951

Wood County Hospital

Bowling Green, OH

Founded In 1986

Community Health Care

Akron, OH

Founded In 1995

Premier Health

Dayton, OH


1 Location

Founded In 1990

MDX Hawai’i

Honolulu, HI


7 Locations

Founded In 1980

Austin Regional Clinic

Austin, TX

Founded In 1994

Premier Family Physicians

Austin, TX

Founded In 1975

Diagnostic Clinic of Longview

Longview, TX

Founded In 1947

Collom & Carney

Texarkana, TX

Capital Medical Clinic

Austin, TX

South Austin Medical Clinic

Austin, TX

Founded In 2015

Catalyst Health Group

Plano, TX


2 Locations

Founded In 1995

Preferred Primary Care Physicians

Pittsburgh, PA

Founded In 1973

Family Practice Center

Selinsgrove, PA

North Carolina

3 Locations

Founded In 1971

Wilmington Health

Wilmington, NC

Founded In 1952

Pinehurst Medical Clinic

Pinehurst, NC

Founded In 1996

Piedmont HealthCare

Statesville, NC


1 Location

Founded In 1947

Starling Physicians

Hartford, CT

New York

2 Locations

Founded In 1946

Buffalo Medical Group

Buffalo, NY

Founded In 1996

FamilyCare Medical Group

Syracuse, NY


4 Locations

Founded In 1986

Answer Health

Grand Rapids, MI & Northern MI

Crystal Lake Health Center

Traverse City, MI

Founded In 2000

United Physicians

Detroit, MI

Founded In 1996

Holland PHO

Holland, MI


1 Location

Founded In 1950

The Jackson Clinic

Jackson, TN


2 Locations

Founded In 1963

Entira Family Clinics

St. Paul, MN

Founded In 1991

Richfield Medical Group

Richfield, MN

South Carolina

2 Locations

Founded In 2015

Liberty Doctors

North Charleston, SC

Founded In 1996

Palmetto Primary Care Physicians

North Charleston, SC


1 Location

Founded In 1874


Portland, ME


1 Location

Founded In 1993

Center for Primary Care

Augusta, GA


1 Location

Founded In 1920

Lexington Clinic

Lexington, KY

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