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Blog Feb 07, 2024

Reducing Senior Patients’ Hospital Readmissions

Learn effective strategies to reduce hospital readmissions for older patients. Discover how agilon health can help improve patient outcomes and care coordination.

Dr. Cindi Swaim headshot.

Blog Jan 02, 2024

Empowered PCP: The Power of agilon’s Physician Network

Dr. Swaim explains how engaging within the agilon physician network can improve managing and delivering care, enhancing the physician-patient relationship.

Generic stock photo of a doctor with a female patient.

Blog Dec 04, 2023

Identifying High-Risk Patients in Value-Based Care

Learn how VBC can help identify high-risk patients at agilon health.

agilon health physician speaking with a patient.

Blog Nov 15, 2023

How to Improve Post-Discharge Follow-up Care for Patients

A patient’s post-discharge follow-up care is crucial for better outcomes. Explore effective strategies to improve follow-up care and engage with your patients.

Blog Oct 02, 2023

Empowered PCP: Dr. Michael Morris on Improving Outcomes for High-Risk Senior Patients Using the agilon Total Care Model

Learn how Dr. Morris delivers high-impact care for better patient outcomes.

Generic photo of a doctor speaking with a patient.

Blog Sep 25, 2023

How Time Impacts the Patient-Physician Relationship

Learn how the time spent between patient and physician impacts overall health.

agilon florida HRI

Blog Aug 28, 2023

Health Care Flexibility with Value-Based Care

Learn how value-based care supports physician flexibility.

. John Notaro on the Importance of Palliative Care and Leveraging Specialists in VBC

Blog Jul 27, 2023

Empowered PCP: Dr. John Notaro on the Importance of Palliative Care and Leveraging Specialists in VBC

Palliative care plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life. Dr. John Notaro weighs in on the importance of palliative care within value-based care.

agilon Florida HRI photo.

Blog Jul 05, 2023

Impact of Primary Care on Health Outcomes

Learn how primary care contributes to improved health outcomes.

Blog May 17, 2023

Nurses and Care Teams Role in Value-Based Care

As the health care industry continues to evolve, value-based care (VBC) is gaining momentum as an...

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