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Blog May 11, 2022 | Article

Empowered PCP: How One Nurse Is Making the Biggest Impact Through the Total Care Model

As part of our blog series, The Empowered PCP, agilon health has been sitting down with powerful ...

Blog May 04, 2022 | Article

Mental Health Awareness Month: How to Support Your Patients

Stress and Mental Health It’s no secret that we are a stressed-out population, and the COVID-19...

Blog Apr 13, 2022

Overcoming Physician Burnout With Value-Based Care

We all know that physicians face burnout, and that the past two years have only amplified their s...

Blog Apr 07, 2022 | Article

Empowered PCP: Dr. Victoria DiGennaro on Gender Equity and Work-Life Balance in Primary Care

As part of our new blog series, The Empowered PCP, agilon health is sitting down with powerful vo...

Blog Mar 02, 2022 | Article

Empowered PCP: How Value-Based Care Saved Our Third-Generation Practice

When my grandfather started our rural, southeastern Ohio primary care practice in 1930 as a gener...

Blog Feb 17, 2022 | Article

Empowered PCP: A Conversation with Dr. Michelle Gourdine about health and wellness in the Black community

As part of a new blog series called the Empowered PCP, we are sitting down with powerful voices i...

Blog Feb 03, 2022 | Video

Raising An Important Voice in Healthcare

Did you know that evidence suggests women primary care physicians (PCPs) perform better in value-...

Blog Feb 03, 2022 | Video

Leading the Charge to Raise Up Women Primary Care Physicians

Every year on February 3, National Women Physicians Day celebrates and honors women doctors acros...

Blog Jan 31, 2022 | Article

What Exactly Is Value-Based Care?

Value-based care. It sounds like an industry buzzword, but behind it is the key to changing healt...

Blog Jan 20, 2022 | Article

agilon health’s 60 Strong Ambassadors Inspire Seniors to Stay Healthy and Give Back

Exemplifying good health and community is a dynamic group of 60 Strong Ambassadors, intrepid 60-s...

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