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Transforming Primary Care.

Who We Are

agilon health is transforming health care for seniors by empowering primary-care physicians to focus on the entire health of their patients. Through our partnerships and our platform, agilon is leading the nation in creating the system we need – one built on the value of care, not the volume of fees. We honor the independence of local physicians and serve as their partners so they can be the physicians they trained to be.

We founded this company in 2016 on a belief that healthcare was structurally broken, and even more importantly, that the consequences had become deeply personal. Seniors felt the enduring  strain of getting the primary care they needed to stay healthy, and the doctors they relied on were burning out in a primary-care structure that rewarded volume over value. Yet in all this, we also saw a clear solution: turning to and teaming up with the existing pool of primary-care physicians and giving them the tools and incentives to truly focus on high-value medical care.

agilon provides the capital, data, payor relationships, executive experience, and contract support that allow physician groups to take on the risk of total care for their most vulnerable patients. The result: healthier communities and physicians who can devote the right amount of time with the patients who need it most. A rapid and proven success, agilon is scaled to grow and is here to help our nation’s best independent physician groups have a sustained and thriving future.



To transform the future of health care in 100+ communities across the country by empowering exceptional patient-physician relationships



To be the trusted, long-term partner of community-based physicians, enabling them to reimagine the patient experience for older adults and lead the transformation of care delivery in their communities

What We Do

agilon is built for physicians by physicians, as the patient-physician relationship is the cornerstone of care. We allow primary-care physicians to take the long view of their relationships with patients, and to be confident in the long-term financial viability of their own practices. We do this through our Total Care Model that maintains the independence of physicians; unites them in a network of like-minded leaders; and integrates all the components of a global risk business model into a single platform.

The result? Healthier communities, driven by physicians who can invest more in the patients who need it most. agilon is built to enable our nation’s community-based physicians to have a sustained and thriving future. Together, we are reinventing primary care.

How We're Different

agilon’s mission is to be the trusted, long-term partner of community-based physicians as they reimagine the care delivery experience for older adults. We do this by focusing on Medicare patients and offering a model that rewards improving outcomes for patients, not fee-for-service. Our partner physicians can have confidence their business will thrive long-term – and they get to invest more in the coordinated, team-based care their patients deserve.

Here is what distinguishes us:


We partner with leading independent primary-care and multispecialty practices, ones that are deeply connected to their communities and have earned their trust over decades of service…

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Our unified operating platform is the centerpiece of our new Medicare-centric Total Care Model

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The incentive is for physicians to engage with patients and manage a patient’s overall health, not be rewarded for more volume…

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We do the right thing even when it’s hard. We share our knowledge…

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