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Press Releases | Jul 07, 2022

Entira Family Clinics, Richfield Medical Group and agilon health Create Partnership to Transform Senior Care in the Twin Cities

Collaborative Senior Care Advantage will enable the delivery of value-based primary care to senior patients in Minnesota

Collaborative Senior Care Advantage will enable the delivery of value-based primary care to senior patients in Minnesota

TWIN CITIES, MN, July 7, 2022 – Entira Family Clinics (Entira) and Richfield Medical Group (Richfield), two of the Minnesota Twin Cities’ leading physician-owned groups, and agilon health (agilon), the trusted partner empowering physicians to transform health care in our communities, have entered a long-term partnership to enhance care for the group’s senior patients through a new value-based primary care program.

This new partnership, called Collaborative Senior Care Advantage, empowers primary care providers to serve as the care quarterbacks for their senior patients to create a better healthcare experience. Entira and Richfield are the first primary care groups to transition to a full-risk, value-based primary care model for Medicare in the Twin Cities.

“Entira Family Clinics has been a leader in providing high quality care to our patients for decades. We are excited about this partnership with agilon health.  The additional resources from this partnership will transform our ability to provide the highest level of care to our Medicare Advantage patients. Our partnership, Collaborative Senior Care Advantage, allows Entira Family Clinics to continue to provide high value for our patients and our community,” said Timothy Hernandez, M.D., CEO, Entira Family Clinics.

“Our goal as a provider-led organization is to put patients’ needs first, and Collaborative Senior Care Advantage will give providers a new opportunity to connect with patients and focus on what matters most – keeping them healthy now and in the future,” added Kevin C. Nelson, M.D., President, Richfield Medical Group.

As independent physician-owned groups, Entira and Richfield are focused on delivering quality health care to their patients, especially their vulnerable senior patients who may require enhanced care. Combined, Entira and Richfield have more than 60 providers, including 42 primary care physicians across their locations.

“Independent physician groups like Entira Family Clinics and Richfield Medical Group want to move to value-based care while remaining independent, and they need the right partner to make this transition possible,” said Steve Sell, CEO, agilon health.  “We look forward to our long-term partnership with Entira and Richfield, and to enabling this new primary care model that will enhance care for their senior patients.”

Collaborative Senior Care Advantage will be open to all Entira and Richfield patients who age-in to Medicare and are eligible, and those who are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan through the practices. This partnership is not a health plan, and Entira and Richfield will work with multiple health plans in the area. More information is available by contacting Entira and Richfield.

About Entira Family Clinics

Entira Family Clinics is one of the largest physician-owned groups in the East Metro St. Paul area. The primary physician group’s mission is to provide comprehensive, patient-centered medical services in neighborhood family medicine clinic.  As an independent organization of physicians, they are prepared to provide the highest quality of care and value to patients and staff. Visit to learn more.

About Richfield Medical Group

Richfield Medical Group, a family practice clinic deeply rooted in the community of Richfield, MN, provides the highest quality medical care to people of all ages.  As an independent medical clinic, we take great pride in our ability to provide individualized healthcare for each of our patients.  Our mission is to form enduring and authentic relationships with each patient and to work as a team to deliver personalized high-value care during all stages of life.  Visit to learn more.

About agilon health

agilon health is the trusted partner empowering physicians to transform health care in our communities. Through our partnerships and purpose-built platform, agilon is accelerating at scale how physician groups transition to a value-based Total Care Model for senior patients. agilon provides the technology, people, capital, and process and access to a peer network that allow physician groups to maintain their independence and focus on the total health of their most vulnerable patients. Together, agilon and its physician partners are creating the healthcare system we need – one built on the value of care, not the volume of fees. The result: healthier communities and empowered doctors. agilon is the trusted partner in 17 diverse communities and is here to help more of our nation’s best physician groups and health systems have a sustained, thriving future. For more information go to and connect with us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Entira Family Clinics/Richfield Medical Group Contacts

Brett Nelson
[email protected]

 Nate Moretter-Bue
[email protected]

agilon health Contacts

Lisa Stafford
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Megan Strothman
[email protected]


Contact for media enquiries

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