agilon continues advocating for Direct Contracting Model Despite Capitol Hill Setbacks

Despite opposition to the Direct Contracting model on Capital Hill, agilon health’s efforts to move the model forward will continue. In May, four Democratic Members of Congress sent a letter to Department of Health and Human Services Secretary outlining concerns about Direct Contracting and encouraging the agency to pause the model.

agilon health is working hard to address the misconceptions and concerns about the model outlined in the letter. We have been meeting with Congressional leaders to educate about Direct Contracting and show examples of how the model will improve care for seniors who opt for traditional Medicare. In addition, agilon health is continuing to do research and develop educational content that better explains the model to those who don’t know or understand this system of health delivery. Lastly, we are working with our trade and membership organizations, like America’s Physician Groups and the Health Care Transformation Task Force, to support broader outreach, education, and advocacy about the Direct Contracting model and its potential to continue to transform health care in local communities.

Click here to read the APG response to the Congressional Criticism of Direct Contracting Model.