Seven Partner Practices and agilon health are Recognized Leaders in the Global Direct Contracting Program.

As of April 1, 2021, agilon health and seven practice partners are now responsible for the total cost and quality of care for nearly 60,000 traditional Medicare beneficiaries.  Similar to agilon health’s total cost of care partnership model for Medicare Advantage members, the new Direct Contracting model expands agilon health practice partners’ responsibility for total care to all of their seniors, regardless of coverage choices.   Our partner practices are invigorated and thriving as a result of models which allow them to move away from fee-for-service payments to patient-centric reimbursement mechanisms which prioritize optimizing the experience and health outcomes of older adults.

In early April, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation announced its final list of 53 organizations set to participate, including five agilon health affiliated direct contract entities: Ohio Senior Care Direct, Premier Senior Care Direct, Preferred Senior Care Direct, Central Ohio Primary Care Senior Care Direct, and Paradigm Senior Care Direct. agilon health comprises 16% of the Standard Entrant Direct Contracting entity cohort and is widely acknowledged as a leader in the program.

The Innovation Center also announced it would not be accepting any new applications for the program at this time. However, organizations that previously applied to the Direct Contracting Model and deferred their start date to January 1, 2022 will be able to participate as planned. agilon health has four ‘dormant’ direct contracting entities and is finalizing new partner participation using these entities for a 2022 start.

The model is designed to move away from fee-for-service reimbursement models that providers are financially rewarded for quantity over quality to a value-based model where the providers are compensated for the quality of their care, measured by patient health outcomes. In this model, providers are compensated for effectively managing the health of their patients. The value-based care delivery models promote preventive, holistic, and patient-focused care and facilitates coordination of patient care across all providers.

“The program is designed to bring the benefits of value-based care model to more Medicare beneficiaries and elevate the role of primary care physicians. agilon health and its physician practice partners have made a significant investment in the new innovative program. We are looking forward to playing a central role as innovators in care delivery for seniors across the country,” said Steven Sell, Chief Executive Officer.