agilon health Leading the Way: Liberating Physicians, Re-engineering Workflow 2019-08-13T08:14:13+00:00

agilon health Leading the Way: Liberating Physicians, Re-engineering Workflow

Ron Kuerbitz, CEO of agilon health, recently discussed the “evolution of physician-led care” during a podcast with other industry leaders. Kuerbitz presented information about the agilon health model of global risk and how it’s working to expand the possibilities for improving patient care.  Here’s an overview of his excerpts from the Q&A session:

  • “Instead of bringing new infrastructure into a market and trying to change workflow by introducing a new site of care or a new capability, agilon health has helped existing practices make the leap from a fee for service-based system into a global risk-based system. Our philosophy was that in order to change physician practice patterns it was necessary to bring the right resources to bear simultaneously to enable large physician organizations to transform their marketplace.”
  • “Avoiding stopgap measures, we instead concentrate on density in local markets. By changing the economic model at scale in a local market, you can reengineer the workflow within that market to create a higher performing system that can be implemented immediately and have traction for decades.”
  • “The current economics are based on seeing 3 patients/hour for 8 hours a day and then cramming in as much paperwork as possible. This leaves physicians with a lack of time and opportunity to care for those patients needing extra attention — and limited resources for those patients who don’t. Creating a model that liberates physicians from a unit of service and a fixed unit of reimbursement is necessary, but not sufficient, as it doesn’t allow for the appropriate risk adjustment. It is at this point that the integration of payor systems, primary care provider systems, subspecialty systems and acute and ambulatory systems become truly necessary.”