agilon health meets with Innovation Center Director, Liz Fowler

In May 2021, agilon health met with leaders from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (Innovation Center), including the Innovation Center’s Director, Liz Fowler, Deputy Directors, Arrah Tabe-Bedward and Amy Bassano, and Director of the Seamless Care Models Group, Pauline Lapin,  to discuss the Direct Contracting model and the importance of value based care for seniors in traditional Medicare. agilon health has partnered with independent practices to form five Direct Contracting Entities (DCEs) providing coordinated, accountable care to over 56,000 traditional Medicare patients.

In the meeting, agilon health CEO, Steven Sell, explained the unique model that agilon health is using to participate in five Direct Contracting Entities through joint ventures with physician practices, allowing the practices to maintain their independence while participating in global risk models. Mr. Sell described the work agilon health partner practices are undertaking to expand access to primary care services in lower income and high needs communities. In addition, agilon health described the investment practices are making in technology and care management personnel to improve care coordination for seniors.

Dr. Bill Wulf, CEO of Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC), shared his practice’s specific experience with agilon health as a partner practice and discussed COPC’s work to expand its services to low-income communities that lack access to primary care. Dr. Wulf described how the global risk model that is available in Direct Contracting enables the practice to align funding and workflows across multiple payers, including Medicare Advantage plans. Specifically, COPC recently opened a state of the art high needs clinic, expanding access to primary care with a focus on lower income seniors in northeast Columbus. Dr. Wulf shared how the unique partnership with agilon health and National Church Residences, combined with global risk models, made this partnership possible.

Lisa Dombro, Chief Experience and Innovation Officer, and Eric Becker, VP of Direct Contracting and Medicare Innovation shared lessons learned from global risk contract arrangements in Medicare Advantage, including collaborative approaches to data and attribution that could be deployed in the Direct Contracting model. The agilon health team looks forward to ongoing collaboration with both the Innovation Center and the other DCEs as model implementation continues.

The Innovation Center staff shared their commitment to ensuring that models are delivering on the Administration’s goals around health equity and expanding access to care for underserved and unserved populations. agilon health is an enthusiastic partner in working with the Innovation Center and the Administration to advance these goals.