agilon health/Physician Partners’ “We are Here for You” Campaign Grabs National/Local  Media Attention

The “We are Here for You” campaign, which included a website and video of physicians urging patients to see their primary care physicians, garnered media  coverage in more than 50 national and local; trade and consumer media outlets. Some of the national highlights were stories in:  Morninstar, Associated Press, Yahoo News, Managed Healthcare Executive and ACP Internist.  Significant Local coverage  included TV segments on KXAN-TV in Austin; NBC4 in Columbus, and several TV stations in Dayton.  As of August first, more than 9,200 people have visited the website  and nearly 10,000 have viewed the video.  The website features content about  “telehealth on demand,” virtual annual wellness visits, drive-in telemedicine in parking lots, COVID-19 testing in parking lots and tents, and staggered clinic appointments for patients with Coronavirus symptoms and those with other healthcare needs.