agilon health Ramping Up Partner Practice New Physician Funnel Through Physician Recruitment Capability

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  That’s the philosophy of agilon health and physician partners who are ramping up the PCP recruitment program in response to a scarcity of primary care physicians in the U.S.

First, agilon welcomed two managers to help streamline the recruitment process across the platform.  Jenna Smith, Physician Recruiter, and Margret Hohenstein, Residency Coordinator, are taking on the Herculean task of adding 28 new PCP hires in over 10 markets by 2022. While they are carefully identifying individual market needs and helping to design an interactive recruiting webpage for each practice, they are also creating a recruiting “toolkit” to be used across all markets.  The toolkit will include a template for engaging with local physician residency programs; and strategies for getting ads/promotions/articles in Practice Link, Doximity and other trade publications/websites geared to residents and physicians.

A report last year from the Association of American Medical Colleges projected that by 2033, there will be a shortage of up to 139,000 physicians — many in primary care. The AAMC indicated that an aging American population, and many doctors retiring, were two major factors.