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COPC Case Manager Streamlines Patient’s Care

Robert Fealy, who suffers from a rare genetic disorder, has been a patient of Dr. Neil Makadia at Family Medicine and Pediatrics (FMP) at Winchester Square, part of Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC), since 2004. Robert, who has Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency, has been severely ill for much of the time that he has seen Dr. Makadia. Ultimately, Robert needed a double lung and liver transplant.

To help defray the cost of the surgeries, Robert’s family and the FMP office printed and sold T-shirts of support, which helped fund his transplants at the Cleveland Clinic in 2017.

Robert and his wife, Jeanne, had to live at the Cleveland Clinic for 10 months following his surgery. Upon their return home, Dr. Makadia, his COPC medical assistant, Rhonda Palmer, and Jennifer Kidd, a social worker and Care Coordinator, got busy helping the Fealys settle into their new reality. Dr. Makadia and his team left no stone unturned in coordinating all of Robert’s physician appointments, medications and health care needs.

At this point, Robert’s kidneys have failed due to anti-rejection drugs and he must undergo dialysis four times a week. His immune system is virtually nonexistent and as such, Robert gets a major infection every 6-8 weeks that requires IV antibiotics and oral antibiotics.

Jennifer first began working with Robert when she helped him and Jeanne obtain a lift chair for him, something that was necessary because Robert had become too weak to stand without assistance.Jennifer connected the Fealys with a Caregiver Support program through Franklin County Senior Options that was able to help them obtain the chair free of charge.

Robert was able to have his most recent annual wellness visit in his home with a COPC CNP. Jennifer helped arrange home health care services for Robert’s wound care and PT needs, both of whom are now coming twice a week. Most recently, Dr. Makadia, Jennifer and Rhonda helped Jeanne get the information necessary to work with the National Organization for Rare Disease (NORD) in order to obtain assistance with Robert’s medication costs.

Robert and Jeanne describe Dr. Makadia as having a a “heart of gold” and say that he and his team are “like family.” Overall, they say, it is a “fantastic office.”