Building the agilon health Foundation

Under the leadership of new CEO, Steve Sell, agilon health has revisited and established a new Mission and Vision based on our strategy. As part of this important exercise, we have revisited our Core Values and made some important updates. Together, these elements are part of a process called “Building our Foundation.”

Since this was first introduced to the team in September, the company has taken an interactive approach to engagement with the elements of the foundation. Over the past and coming weeks, we are taking time to step through each component of our foundation with videos from the executives and partners, activities and contests for the employees, prizes and all employee-accessible website showcasing latest information and highlights.

The education and activities kicked off in October with, “The Big Idea”, including a message from Ben Kornitzer, MD, Chief Medical and Quality Officer.  A Primary Care Physician by training, Dr. Kornitzer keenly understands the importance of the physician-patient relationship and value-based care and is excited to bring this health care transformation to the communities served by agilon health.  Employees were invited to participate in a quiz about the information in Dr. Kornitzer’s video.

Next, the focus moved to agilon health’s mission and vision with a message from Steven Sell, Chief Executive Officer. Steven reviewed the many elements of agilon health’s mission and vision which speak to who we are as an organization, where we’re going, the importance of building a trusted partnership with our community physicians and so much more.  The next several years are expected to bring significant growth allowing agilon health, together with our physician partners, to positively impact the lives, health and overall well-being for older individuals in the communities we serve.

As part of the vision activity, employees were asked to consider how the company’s vision inspires them and why they choose to work for agilon health. Employees were invited to submit a short video stating, “I work for agilon health because…”  Click here to see Steven Sell’s video.

Focusing more closely on agilon health’s mission, Ben Shaker, Chief Markets Officer, shared his experience in carrying out agilon health’s mission, first in Central Ohio, followed by participation in launching many other markets.  Today, agilon health is leading the transformation of health care in 12 communities across the country.  Building strong and lasting trusted partnerships with our independent community-based providers has been key to this growth.

As part of the mission activity, employees were asked to develop and share their own personal mission statement based on the new mission of agilon health.