Concerned About Secondary Health Care Crisis after COVID-19, agilon health and Physician Partners Create Public Service Campaign

Worried about long-term health consequences caused by social distancing and isolation during the COVID-19 quarantine, agilon health and physician partners are sounding the alarm to patients through a public service  initiative urging them to see their doctors. The “We are Here for You” campaign features a video encouraging all patients who have neglected their health should not be afraid to reach out for medical care. Although seniors are at a heightened risk of contracting Coronavirus, physicians say non-COVID19 care should not be overlooked – especially for the elderly and patients with underlying health conditions. New innovations in technology and science,  including virtual visits, have allowed patients to see doctors even in a lockdown.

The “We are Here for you” website features content about  “telehealth on demand,” virtual annual wellness visits, drive-in telemedicine in parking lots, COVID-19 testing in parking lots and tents, and staggered clinic appointments for patients with Coronavirus symptoms and those with other healthcare needs.