COPC says Patients Embracing Telehealth and “We’re Sticking to It” 2020-06-04T13:09:26+00:00

COPC says Patients Embracing Telehealth And “We’re Sticking to It”

When the COVID-19 pandemic first struck and the  Ohio governor requested that people stay home, the Central Ohio Primary Care network (COPC) held a “Phone Us First” campaign. The phones were ringing off the hook for COPC’s 420 physicians.  Patient began acclimating to, and then embracing, telehealth visits. Since mid-March, COPC physicians have reached out to patients wih over 75,000 virtual visits.  Particularly popular is the after-hours team of nurses and nurse practitioners who triage calls, then send them on to physicians. When COPC patients were asked how the telehealth visit compared to a typical in-person visit, 84% said “just as good” or “better.” Dr. Bill Wulf, CEO of COPC, who was quoted in articles in Columbus CEO magazine and In Sync Healthcare blog, projects that going forward, 30% of visits will be via video.

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