April Newletter COPC’s Sports, Spine and Joint Center 2019-03-29T15:43:13+00:00

COPC’s Sports, Spine and Joint Center Offers Comprehensive Care Under One Roof

Through its Sports, Spine and Joint Center, Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC) physicians group offers a unique approach to all-inclusive care. A multidisciplinary practice poised to treat a range of musculoskeletal conditions — from sports-related injuries to conditions and injuries of the spine and joints — the care team at the Sports, Spine and Joint Center focuses on improving patients’ ability to function at their highest level.

Sports medicine specialists, PMR specialists, pain specialists, and a Rheumatologist work collaboratively with PCPs to oversee the care and treatment of patients – from reviewing their medical history to examining images, and developing a plan of care. Through a specialized file-sharing platform, the center’s medical team can immediately communicate with primary care providers and collaborate with referring physicians. Patients can undergo diagnostic tests such as EMG, MRI, and CT scans and if warranted, they can receive epidural steroid injections and physical therapy. The center recently added an Orthopedic Urgent Care Center with Saturday hours since injuries often happen on the weekends. COPC’s Sports, Spine and Joint Center provides comprehensive care and treatment all under one roof, which is convenient for injured patients whose ultimate goal is to be active again.