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EmpowHER Program Provides Training and Development for Female Managers and Directors

In an ongoing effort to provide training and development opportunities for our team while promoting diversity among our workforce, agilon health recently implemented a new program for female managers and directors. The EmpowHER program provides a forum for women to gain valuable coaching, develop relationships with other female leaders and learn to enhance their careers in the workplace.

Led by Executive Coaches Diane Flynn and Patty White from ReBoot Accel, the six-month program runs from February 6 – June 30 and addresses timely topics such as: 15 ways to up your language game, having difficult conversations, goal-setting and establishing 100-day plan, effective ways to use and be a mentor, design thinking as a problem-solving methodology and the importance of a growth mindset, and 6 ways we hnder progress.

Participants in the program shared positive feedback regarding their experiences:

“Through EmpowHER we are building our individual skill-sets and a strong community of agilon health professionals.” – Sr. Manager, Texas

“Leadership is developed daily, not in a day. . . it’s a forever evolving journey with daily learnings and truly takes time. Sometimes this is hard to come to terms with as we want to learn, develop and conquer quickly, but certain things take time. And that’s ok.” – Sr. Manager, Ohio

“This is an excellent program that provides a forum for a group of individuals to share ideas, thoughts and challenges in a non-judgmental environment with active listeners that adhere to honesty, respectfulness, and positivity.” – Director, Hawaii

“We share best practices and get ideas from each other of what works and did not work. Diane and Patty are excellent facilitators and coaches/mentors that come prepared with exercises and homework that help us “unbend our minds” and think about how to look at things in a different way to serve us growing professionally.” – Director, Hawaii

Volunteer participants were solicited from among the female managers and directors, each having to complete an application and obtain a recommendation from their immediate supervisor. We were very pleased with the number of applications received. While opportunities for participating in this program were limited, agilon health is looking forward to future sessions to allow more people to participate.