Executive Spotlight: Veeral Desai, President, Enterprise Operations

Our Executive Spotlight shines on Veeral Desai this month.  As President of Enterprise Operations, Veeral leads several areas across agilon health.  With the organization since early 2017, Veeral has consistently led by example. As a servant leader and passionate advocate for developing our people, Veeral believes deeply in agilon health’s mission and commitment to our physician partners and patients.

Please tell us about your role and responsibilities with agilon health.

I am fortunate to lead several areas of our organization.  I am very proud of the team we have built and am particularly grateful to work alongside some of the most talented and passionate individuals I have encountered in my career. I oversee our market operations & partnerships across the Western (Hawaii, Texas) and Eastern (North Carolina, Connecticut, and New York) regions.  I lead enterprise operations teams, specifically, Burden of Illness, New Market Implementation, Operations Excellence.

What are some of the most significant changes you have seen in the healthcare environment impacting our business? How have we adjusted?

In this country, we have a fundamental disconnect in how healthcare is delivered and paid for.  Our model for partnering with community-based physicians addresses that disconnect, and this is a big reason why our company is thriving.  Recently, the global pandemic has reinforced the adoption and support of our partnership model.  Physicians are actively seeking prepayment models that enable them to  invest in clinical resources and infrastructure.  More importantly, through our partnership, we can help our physician partners transform their practices and deliver fundamentally better care to Medicare Advantage patients across the communities we serve.

Looking back, what has been your proudest moment here at agilon health?

Our team’s response to the pandemic has been nothing short of remarkable.

Since March, we successfully:

  • Pivoted nearly our entire workforce to remote, including taking necessary actions to prioritize safety and provide resources to help teammates remain engaged while adjusting to the new normal
  • Supported our physician partners in standing up telehealth capabilities within days of the crises hitting the country
  • Implemented daily huddles with participation by national experts in epidemiology & public health to help navigate the crisis with the latest data and insights
  • Completed outreach to our most vulnerable patients; leveraging our terrific care management teams to drive targeted COVID outreach

Which of our #ONEteam Core Values resonates with you the most, and why? 

Partnership and Collaboration. Our physicians are our partners.  It is a true privilege to have some of the most distinctive medical groups and physician leaders in the country choosing to partner with us.  We have also been successful in building a world-class team.  The opportunity to collaborate deeply and learn from one another is one of the most exciting aspects of being at agilon health.  I deeply believe we can be The Best Company To Work for in Healthcare.  Our culture and embodiment of our #ONEteam Core Values will attract the best and allow us to create a truly special place to build careers & contribute to our mission.

What do you see in agilon health’s future over the next five years?

Today, we serve 11 markets across six states and over 120,000 Medicare patients. We are rapidly growing. I am excited by both the reach and depth of how our model will impact the care delivery model in our markets. agilon health was founded in 2016, so we are early in the life cycle of the company and each of our partnerships. We are in 20-year relationships and are truly committed to each of our partners and markets!  The real innovations in clinical delivery and patient experience are just beginning. We have unlocked the gateway to improve quality, revitalize primary care, and help solve the fundamental problem of unaffordable and inadequate care in our healthcare system.