Executive Spotlight: Ben Shaker, Chief Markets Officer

Our Executive Spotlight shines on Ben Shaker this month.  Ben joined agilon health in January 2017 as our Ohio Market President. Today, working with our Market Presidents, Ben oversees all active markets as agilon health’s Chief Markets Officer. Let’s get to know Ben a little better.

Please tell us about your role and responsibilities with agilon health.

I am very fortunate to work across our Markets to support our colleagues and collaborate with physician partners across our network. I have been with agilon health for 4 years and started working with COPC in Columbus, OH to build out our first partnership model.   It’s crazy to think we are operating in 12 markets in less than 4 years since we started!

What are some of the most important changes you have seen in the healthcare environment impacting our business? How have we adjusted? 

Change (and big change) in health care is inevitable, but I think we are in a unique and exciting position to be leading a key part of the transformation happening in the industry today.   When I look at the caliber of the physician groups we work with along with the capabilities that we bring to a market, it’s evident that our partnerships are leading and disrupting the status quo for the better.  Take markets like Columbus, Pittsburgh and Buffalo.   None of these markets had physician led global risk models in place.  We have been able to bring this to the market and set up a platform to drive more value to our physicians and their patients.   In Hawaii, we are creating and enhancing partnerships with like-minded physicians who see the value our model brings to their practice and appreciate our focus on the well-being of their patients. We are seeing an acceleration in the physician led march to value and we are so well positioned to capitalize on the opportunity.

Looking back, what has been your proudest moment here at agilon health? 

My proudest moments are every time we stand up a new market.  It’s never easy and there are always curve balls along the way.   There is always such a sense of accomplishment from the team who works so hard and it is so fun to see the physicians truly believe in the power of the model and what they are able to accomplish under a model that rewards physician leadership, innovation and patient centered care.

Which of our #ONEteam Core Values resonates with you the most and why? 

Partnership and Collaboration. The foundation of our business is rooted in the collaboration that we have with our physician partners as well as the trust and respect that our colleagues have with one another.  Our business doesn’t exist without our partnership model working well and we can’t be successful if our partners and colleagues don’t embrace it.

What do you see in agilon health’s future over the next five years?

We have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time and, yet, we have so much opportunity ahead of us.  I’m looking forward to our ongoing build out of agilon health’s integrated platform so that we can continue to drive more value to our physician partners and their patients.   We are in such a great position to make a massive impact on the payment and health care delivery model in this country and it will be fun to watch how agilon health, our physician partners and key stakeholders work together to leave a lasting imprint on the future of health care.