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COPC’s Extensive Care Center Provides In-depth Care to Patients with Acute/Chronic conditions

Through its Extensive Care Center, Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC) Physicians Group is putting the “care” back in health care. Patients with acute or chronic health conditions who require in-depth treatment—but not an emergency room visit—can get more comprehensive care in a more enjoyable setting.

And much of what they need is time.

The Extensive Care Center offers patients the chance to spend an hour or two with a board-certified physician or nurse practitioner and receive thorough treatment in an outpatient setting. In the past, patients with conditions such as cellulitis, gastroenteritis or hypertension have gone to the ER and some have been hospitalized, putting them at greater risk of contracting infections.  Now they have access to a non-emergency facility that offers intravenous fluids/medications and other treatment and delivery methods usually only available in hospitals.  The Center’s healthcare team also provides longer patient monitoring and next-day follow-up to ensure the patient’s condition has improved.  In addition, the medical team communicates directly with the patient’s primary care physician about the visit, and all treatment and medication notes are sent to the provider.