June 2019 High Tech Helps Close Gaps for Hawaii and California Markets 2019-06-10T17:17:26+00:00

New Technology Helps Close the Gaps – Providing Better Service to Providers and Patients

Thanks to industrious agilon health CORE leaders and their innovative IT department, monitoring the quality gaps for HEDIS measures just got easier and more efficient for the Hawaii and California Markets. Medicare and Medicaid programs use HEDIS measures, which reflect compliance with screenings, immunizations, and medication regimens to determine the quality performance of the provider network. agilon health’s CORE platform can now automatically update a patient’s health information based upon data received from each of our nearly 20 health plan partners.

This new capability greatly enhances the speed, accuracy, and regularity in which we can report comprehensive quality gap closure status at the individual PCP and member level. For more than 1,300 providers, this means they have more timely feedback regarding their progress in closing all gaps in care, which in turn allows them to more accurately identify those patients who are overdue for annual health exams and regular screenings. The physicians and their staff can then arrange for patients to meet those health care requirements.

For agilon health team members, it provides a better way to measure performance against benchmarks, develop an improvement strategy, and execute a comprehensive and coordinated outreach and intervention plan.

“We are always striving to improve quality measures across all of our markets,” says Adina Guthrie, Senior Director of Quality and Attribution Strategies. “I am very proud of our CORE IT colleagues who developed this automated process, which allows for a more seamless and efficient reporting of crucial healthcare data. It also lays the foundation for better communication with providers, ultimately resulting in a more trusting relationship.”