Insight Tool Provides Detailed Analysis of Value of Care

Doctors can learn a lot from each patient—but what about analyzing data from thousands of patients at once? The new physician “Insight” tool allows doctors to view diverse sets of patient data all in one place, illuminating patterns and identifying patient trends. It simultaneously serves as a doctor “report card,” allowing physicians to reflect on strengths and areas for improvement. Areas of analysis include patient emergency department utilization, readmissions, PCP visit frequency and visibility into high-risk patients.

Presently, the Insight tool is being utilized on a limited basis with a plan to roll it out to all markets by the end of the year.  Dana Carne, MD, MBA, National Director for Clinical Programs at agilon health, explains that the organized data will result in better health outcomes for patients. Says Dr. Carne, “the physician Insight tool helps bring our objective of improving the value of patient care to those who are on the frontline of healthcare delivery.”

Ben Kornitzer, MD, Chief Medical and Quality Officer at agilon health, is confident that the Insight tool’s ability to streamline business analytics to practicing PCPs will lead to better outcomes and an overall better experience for patients.