New COPC 10-Step Smoking Cessation Program Helps Smokers Kick the Habit 2019-08-23T08:40:32+00:00

COPC’s “Beat the Pack Smoking Cessation Support Program” Helping to Save Lives

A smoker for 50 years, Ned Kirby could see that it was time for a change. Diagnosed with COPD at the age of 70, Ned was advised by his internist, Dr. Robert Ecker of COPC’s Provider Physicians North, that if he didn’t quit smoking, he would need to go on oxygen support.

Ned then learned of COPC’s Beat the Pack Smoking Cessation Support Program, a six-week initiative that is offered to patients free of charge. Annette Stevens, a Health Coach and Smoking Cessation Program Coordinator, promptly contacted Ned to sign up.

Now smoke-free since October 21, 2018, Ned says he has benefited greatly from the educational aspect of the program and support offered by his care team. He noted that the structure was similar to the 12-step program he successfully used to stop drinking and stay sober for more than 23 years. As for his health coach, Annette, Ned found her to be very positive and knowledgeable. He indicates that Annette was extraordinary at facilitating useful conversations among the diverse group and was encouraging to each one of them.

Since Ned completed the program, Annette has checked on his progress several times. He continues to use the Smoke Free app on the COPC website, a tool that tells him how many days it’s been since he smoked, how many cigarettes he would have smoked during that time, how much money he saved and other milestones he’s reached on his way to a healthier lifestyle. Find out more about COPC’s Smoking Cessation program here.