Nurses at COPC Go the Extra Mile to Make Sure Seniors are Vaccinated

Three months into the pandemic, there is still no national plan to vaccinate homebound adults—so nurses at Central Ohio Primary Care (COOPC) are driving to patients’ homes to deliver the vaccine to seniors.  Through the program nurses are deployed to give vaccines to the oldest and sickest individuals who don’t have transportation means or are immobile and confined to a wheelchair.  COPC’s vaccine “delivery service” also is immunizing the caregivers for these individuals.

Statnews reports that while homebound Americans have been eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine for months, many are still not vaccinated.

Nurses at COPC are going the extra mile to ensure every patient has access to a vaccine. Click here to read the full story appeared in the Family Practice News or watch the video where Shawn Amer, Clinical Program Director at COPC talks the success of the program.