Ortho Navigator: Pioneer Physician Network and Summa Health System Collaborate to Provide a Chaperone for Seniors in Need of Orthopedic Care

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The process of finding the right physician, getting the proper diagnosis and receiving quality treatment can be daunting for a patient suffering from joint or back pain.

Enter Ortho Navigator.  Pioneer Physician Network patients now have a “chauffeur” to guide them as they overcome challenges through their journey to find relief from joint and back pain. Pioneer has teamed up with the Summa Health System to offer Ortho Navigator, an experienced nurse who holds the patient’s hand through the process – whether or not that includes surgery. The Ortho Navigator coordinates medical tests, serves as an intermediary between patients and the clinical team, and in general, keeps them on track.

If surgery is necessary, the Ortho Navigator seamlessly coordinates with the orthopedics team at Summa Health to l find the best orthopedic surgeon specialized in treating the patient’s condition.  In addition, the patient is connected with a physical therapist who helps with strengthening and rehabilitation before and after surgery.  A healthcare expert and educator at heart, the Ortho Navigator ensures that seniors have all the appropriate information, resources and access in order to receive the highest quality and expeditious care for relief of their joint and back pain..