Partner Practices Participate in Clinical Trials for COVID-19 Vaccine – To Be Released in 2021

Physician partners in Austin, Dayton, and Wilmington, are making headway in clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines with a success rate of up to 95 percent.

PriMED Physicians, Wilmington Health, and Austin Regional Clinic (ARC) have been undergoing clinical trials for the Pfizer vaccine, which is being distributed to cities nationwide and proves to be a viable option. Presently the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is working on a rollout plan – with healthcare workers and seniors living in retirement homes slated to be among the first to receive it. As part of the clinical trials, Austin Regional Clinic has dispensed the vaccine to nearly 400 patients ranging in age from 12 to 90.  Jay Zdunek, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Austin Regional Clinic, says the trials were highly regulated by the FDA. “Part of the incentive is to help develop a process to administer the vaccine and help us return to the state of normalcy we once experienced,” he admits.

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