Preferred Primary Care Physicians’ New Total Care Model Provides Affordable Healthcare to Medicare Patients

At a time when Pennsylvania ranks one of the nation’s worst states for investing in primary care services for patients, Preferred Primary Care Physicians (PPCP) has invested in a total care model that provides top-tier, affordable healthcare to Medicare Patients – making it the first physician group in the state to take full responsibility for the quality and cost of care for senior patients.

New research from the 2020 Primary Care Collaborative reports that Pennsylvania spends only 3.37% on primary care services — shockingly 28% less than the national average and one of the worst states for funding primary care in the U.S. PPCP’s total care initiative is working to reverse this alarming trend.

“Patients who are enrolled in Preferred Senior Care Advantage receive more undivided attention from their physicians,” says Frank Civitarese, D.O., President of Preferred Primary Care Physicians. “We are committed to being agents of change within the broader healthcare system to ensure the right investment is made in critical primary care services for the communities we serve.