Teamwork Making a Difference During COVID-19

As COVID-19 cases nationwide spiked during the 2020 holidays, Preferred Primary Care Physicians, (PPCP), our partner practice in Pittsburgh, PA, also experienced a surge in the number of patients with coronavirus.  PPCP’s volume of COVID-19 patients usually hovered around 40, but in November the cases rose to 250. By December, that number almost doubled to 450 patients. PPCP had effective systems and tools to track their COVID-19 positive patients, but soon realized they needed more healthcare workers to help support the care for coronavirus patients.

Enter agilon health and a team of registered nurses and case managers residing in Hawaii who work as part of our Shared Services Organization.  These dedicated clinicians and support staff engaged with PPCP patients in Pittsburgh via telehealth visits and phone calls.  The outreach included the monitoring of patient’s vital signs and constant reminders to take medications, increase fluid intake and follow safety precautions.  If a patient’s symptoms worsened, they arranged for immediate intervention by PPCP physicians.  Patients who showed signs of distress were provided with emergency services.

Through careful reporting of their activities, we know that 56 percent of the patients suffered mild symptoms, while 38 percent of the confirmed COVID-19 patients had no symptoms. More importantly, six percent of patients were quickly identified by our team as needing more advanced clinical intervention.  With our help, patients received a very high touch experience and critical clinical support through their illness.

These healthcare heroes are an excellent example of agilon health’s CORE values — providing Partnership and Collaboration, Quality and Service Excellence, Innovation and Expertise.