The Better Medicare Alliance 2021 Report: Thumps Up to MA

The recent 2021 annual report of the Better Medicare Alliance is a snapshot of the rising success of Medicare Advantage (MA). The report indicates a growing chorus of researchers, providers, and policymakers believe the future of Medicare lies in MA –a prospective, capitated program that rewards health care payers and providers for quality care and outcomes.

Projections indicate the number of Americans over 65 years old will grow significantly in the coming decades, doubling the number of seniors accounting for 20 percent of the American population. This will result in millions of new Medicare beneficiaries each year for the next 40 years.

While addressing the COVID-19 health emergency will continue to be a high priority in 2021, lawmakers will move health care policy forward with a more agile public health infrastructure and more attention paid to health disparities, better access to affordable care and a more integrated, value-based health system. The report also featured a plethora of positive feedback about MA, including a 98 percent consumer satisfaction rating; additional MA benefits that enhance a senior’s wellbeing; an average savings to beneficiaries of $1,640 and better outcomes for a proportionally more diverse and high-risk senior population. To see the full report, click here.