Transforming healthcare by empowering primary care physicians to be the agent for change in their communities

How We Are Different

Our partner physicians can have confidence their business will thrive long-term – and they get to invest more in the coordinated, team-based care their patients deserve. Here is what distinguishes us:

Partnership: We partner with leading independent primary-care and multispecialty practices, ones that are deeply connected to their communities and have earned their trust over decades of service. We help those physician groups thrive as their embedded partners. Other companies try to create physician practices, buy them out or sell them services. Not us. agilon health is a partner, not an owner or vendor. The doctor-patient relationship is paramount. We listen to our physician partners and build what they need to succeed. Each partnership is truly a joint venture, one in which agilon and our partners share in the outcome and agilon provides 100 percent of the capital investment. Everything we do at agilon health emanates from our partners, who are changing healthcare at the community level.

Platform: Our unified operating platform is the centerpiece of building a new Medicare-centric Total Care Model. It combines people, process and technology to help our physician partners identify gaps in care, integrate seamlessly with payors, grow patient panels, and identify untapped opportunities for improved outcomes. The platform is deployed to optimize for your own local market.

Network: Independent physicians want to remain independent, but they should not be alone. The agilon health network allows independent doctors to collaborate with other leading community physicians to enhance innovation, share ideas and replicate successes.

Quality: The incentive is for doctors to engage with patients and reduce risks, not be rewarded for more volume. That means physicians can focus on preventative care and specialized help for patients with chronic or critical conditions. Patients have more wellness visits and fewer emergency room visits and hospitalizations. Quality wins.

Relationships: agilon health has strategic relationships with multiple national and regional health plans that allow our physician partners to focus on delivering a consistent, high-quality patient experience while effectively managing the total health costs.

Values: We do the right thing even when it’s hard. We share our knowledge. And we strive to create what matters most: the delivery of healthcare that everyone deserves.

Who Benefits

Physicians: Primary-care physicians are agents of change in healthcare. Our platform helps independent physicians to improve care for Medicare Advantage members and participate in the benefits of improving health outcomes. As the platform of physicians and members scales up and quality grows, so do the potential cost savings from improving care, which agilon health shares in the outcome with its physician groups in a long-term partnership model.

Healthcare benefits when primary-care physicians are empowered to manage the outcomes and total health needs of Medicare patients. Yet the traditional fee-for-service model does just the opposite. It rewards doctors to narrowly focus on one unit of care rather than influencing health behaviors, overall care and cost management.

Today’s physicians must overcome enormous obstacles to even consider a total-care model. They do not have an integrated relationship with multiple payors. They do not have the time, capital or access to the expertise to assume responsibility for their patients’ total needs. They burn out in a system that rewards the volume of patient visits, not the quality of the care. And they are highly localized, which keeps them from having the scale they need to accept risk and make change.

That is why agilon health exists. We partner with these community-based physician groups and eliminate the obstacles through our people, our unified platform, our processes and our capital. We thrive because we empower the people who drive patient care: the primary-care physicians.

Patients: The relationship that patients have with their primary-care doctor is paramount. It is only strengthened when those doctors team up with agilon health because physicians can devote more time to patients and focus on their total well-being, from early interventions to treatment. This is an entirely different model of health care. It rewards engaging with patients and anticipating their needs, with no incentives to focus on fees, tests and appointment volumes. Patients who might otherwise find themselves navigating a complex, fractured  system on their own instead get coordinated care – led by the doctor they know, empowered by agilon health support. And the numbers back it up, with patients spending more time in wellness visits and less in the hospital.

Payors: The agilon health model simplifies and unifies the experience for payors. We connect payors, physicians and patients through one platform of clinical and financial management. As its base of physician partners grows, agilon health and its partners are better positioned every year to serve a growing Medicare population and reduce costs. Payors also benefit from partnering with agilon health given its values and mission: to transform health care with exceptional community physicians and a clear focus on outcomes, not fees.

Hear from Our Partners: Our physician partners highlight their perspectives on partnership with agilon health.

Meet Dr. Patrick Goggin, as he shares how the partnership with agilon health has enhanced patient care

Liam Fry, MD and John Notaro, MD, discuss the value of the collaboration among physician partners across the agilon health platform

David Shultz, MD, Wilmington Health, shares how the agilon health partnership provides the resources to eliminate some of the challenges that have frustrated their physicians

It’s been amazing to have actionable insights at my fingertips and know where the real opportunities are. I don’t need to worry about what payer or contract and can focus on the best care for the patient right in front of me. For the first time in decades, I can say with confidence that primary care doctors have a bright future.

– Pat Goggin, MD (PGSEO, Zanesville, OH)

Agilon Health collage

From an individual perspective, the excitement that you can actually be rewarded (financial and career satisfaction) for doing the right thing and be recognized for providing high-value care. From a group perspective, the excitement of having the right tools, funding, and support to be able to provide value-based care… to be more creative, be more aggressive, more disruptive.

– Anas Daghestani, MD (Austin Regional Clinic, Austin, TX)