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Blog | Feb 03, 2021 | Article

Innovo Research Expands Nationwide Reach Thanks To A New Partnership With agilon health And Its Extensive Physician Network

WILMINGTON, N.C.Feb. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Innovo Research, a nationwide clinical research network, has announced a partnership with agilon health, an organization that champions the role of independent physicians through a total care partnership model representing a network of more than 1,400 primary care physicians in 11 geographies across seven states.  In addition, four of agilon health’s value-based care practice partners are multispecialty practices.  The Innovo Research partnership is designed to significantly increase the number of independent physicians participating in clinical trials nationally, which today is estimated at only 3%.

The new collaboration with agilon health will expand Innovo’s nationwide reach with  independent physician groups, many of which are positioned as the leading practices in their community. The primary care physicians and specialists on the agilon health platform have embraced value-based care for their senior populations and provide a network that spans across the Southeast, Southwest, Midwest and Northeast regions of the country.  Innovo Research will provide these prominent practices with new resources to further engage, educate and support patients in their care through innovative clinical studies.

According to the National Institute on Aging, the benefits to patients who participate in clinical trials include playing a more active role in their health care, receiving more frequent health check-ups and having more information on support groups and other resources. Another upside is a higher medication adherence rate and potential cost savings to patients for what can often be expensive pharmaceutical therapies.

“agilon health and our physician partners are excited about this new collaboration with Innovo Research because we understand the value clinical trials can bring to our patients and physicians,” says Ben Kornitzer, Chief Medical Officer of agilon health. “Clinical trials move the medical community forward and offer an overwhelmingly positive experience for patients by providing access to cutting edge medical care, personalized services and support, and greater efficiency in care delivery. Our partners are drawn to the agilon health model because innovation and exceptional patient care is part of their DNA. Through our care platform that is 100% focused on value across the entire care continuum, our partners are in a unique position to lead and innovate.”

Innovo Research provides healthcare organizations with a comprehensive and integrated clinical research infrastructure that enables clinical trials to be conducted at the point of patient care.  agilon health’s physician practices will now be able to offer their patients access to clinical trials that are appropriate and help enhance patient experience and outcomes. Innovo Research is the only clinical research network to offer a high-tech precision data finding program that can be integrated into most EMR systems. The user-friendly analytics tool can be customized for each clinical trial and allows for tracking patients based on age, health conditions, blood type, comorbities, etc.  This helps narrow down patients to fit the profile for the study — removing that time intensive burden from physicians and their staff.

Many clinical trials for pharmaceuticals and medical devices don’t get off the ground because of a lack of efficacy; limited funding; the FDA approval process; and problems with recruiting the right patient population. But one of the primary issues affecting the success of clinical trials is physician engagement. Research America reports that 72% of the US population would participate in a clinical trial if their physician recommended it.  However, many patients are not informed by their physicians about clinical research opportunities and the benefits of involvement. This results in delayed development of promising new treatments for the millions of patients waiting for much needed medical intervention.

Since Innovo Research’s inception three years ago, the number of partnering physicians who participate in clinical trials has grown significantly. In fact, physician participation rates in the company’s clinical trials are more than six times the national average. And management expects those numbers to grow with the advent of an agilon health partnership.

“We are delighted about this new collaboration with agilon health and its partner physician groups,” says Innovo Research Founder Jeff James. “Our goal is to provide physicians with the access to cutting-edge treatments and expand their knowledge of new medications that will help improve the lives of their patients and millions of others. We also want the experience to be stress-free and seamless for physicians since they are the gatekeepers to patient participation.”

To learn more about our new partnership with agilon health, as well as our access and capabilities contact: Jeff James ([email protected])

About Innovo Research
Innovo Research is a provider-sponsored, provider-led network of high-performing Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) that utilize clinical research as part of their population health strategy. Our integrated approach supports both the triple aim aspirations of our partner ACOs as well as their research interests. Our fully integrated EMR platform allows for quick and reliable feasibility analysis, leading to quicker enrollment. Our depth and breadth of investigators cover nearly every therapeutic area across several geographic regions.

About agilon health
agilon health is transforming healthcare by empowering community-based physicians with the resources and expertise they need to innovate the payment and delivery of care for seniors. agilon health enables physicians to create their own Medicare-centric globally capitated line of business. The agilon Total Care Model is powered by our purpose-built platform and enabled through a growing national network of like-minded physician partners.  With agilon, physicians are freed from the constraints of the transactional fee-for-service reimbursement model and are able to practice team-based, coordinated care to serve the individual needs of their senior patients and to transition to a sustainable and predictable, long-term business model.  The rapidly growing appeal of the agilon platform, partnership model and network of leading community-based physicians has allowed us to expand to 11 local communities with 11 anchor physician groups, as well as a network of physicians across Hawaii, in fewer than five years.

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